Glass Beads Manufacturing Plant M-02
Magmaple Glass Beads Manufacturing Plant M-02 is simple plant with capacity of 3000 tons glass beads per year.
Natural Gas consumption: 300-400 m3/t 
Electricity consumption : 65 kw/h 
Worker required: 2-3 persons

    Cold Paint Manufacturing Plant
Magmaple Cold Paint Production Plant, use Germany technology, with the most advanced basket dispersion grinding technical, high grinding efficiency, good dispersion effect, from raw materials, dispersion, grinding to filtration and packing of final products, reduce labor work, most improved products quality. Materials; 304steel Electric power; 42KW Sizes: 7.5 x 2.5 x 3.3m 
    Glass Beads Manufacturing Plant M-01
Magmaple Glass Beads Manufacturing Plant  M-01 is automatic production line for all sizes of road marking glass beads as well as blasting glass beads, the capacity is more than 6000 tons per year.
Total power consumption     150kw/h
 Gas consumption          300-400 m3/ton
 Water consumption      100-150kg/h
    Thermoplastic Manufacturing Plant M-03
Magmaple M-03Thermoplastic Paint Manufacturing Plant design capacity 6-8 tons per hour, which uses nine kinds of raw materials according to ratio proportion requirements, automatic mixing, weighing and packaging.
    Big Beads Manufacturing Plant
Magmaple Big beads Manufacturing Plant usd advance technology to produce big size glass beads, which widely used in road marking, grinding, blasting industries.
Rawmaterial : wasted scrap glass
Product s: Glassbeads sizes18-30 mesh
Design production capacity: 9-12 ton / 24hours
    Mag-Mark Thermoplastic Paint
 Mag-Mark Thermoplastic paint from Magmaple being applicable to all kinds of hot melt reflective marking such as guideline, reminding letters, and cross walk.
    Mag-Beads Road Marking Glass Beads

 Mag-Beads Reflective Glass Beads from Magmaple meet all international road marking standards, roundness more than 80%.