Mag-Mark Thermoplastic paint

   Structure of materials
   Resin, additive, EVA, quartz sand, Mag-Beads etc.                 


Density: 1.8-2.3
Soft point(℃) 90-140
Time of not adhibit tyre (min) ≤3                                                  
Intensity of anti-press Mpa ≥12

Content of micro-glass bead 18-22%


Being applicable to all kinds of hot melt marking machines such as manual, automatic, and truck mounted.
Being applicable to hot melt reflective marking such as highway, urban area, parking and airfield.
Being applicable to all kinds of hot melt reflective marking such as guideline, reminding letters, and cross walk.

     Magmaple Mag-Mark Thermoplastic paint have the features of
quick dried and solidified when applying, and it is right to go through after3-5 minutes.

    Fine glass beads and import type of white titanium pigment with  high roundness and high reflection are used so that the painting  may highly reflect at night.

It is of high temperature resistance, anti chap, skid prevention, and antifriction.

Method of application
The temperature control should be between 180-220℃ when applying.
Concrete pavement and old asphalt pavement need base painting as first when applying.
It is right to construct when air temperature is over 5℃.