M-03Thermoplastic Paint Manufacturing Plant uses nine kinds of raw materials according to ratio proportion requirements, automatic mixing, weighing and packaging.

The designed capacity is about 8 ton per hour, including the following two units.

1. Automatic batching unit

2. Mixing-weighing-packing unit

Control system for batching unit

MAGMAPLE M-03Thermoplastic Paint Manufacturing Plant adopts the touch screen CHTouch-070 (PLC) industrial PC.

Industrial PC through the weighing transducer dynamic testing all raw material silos.

Specification for MAGMAPLE M-03Thermoplastic Paint Manufacturing Plant
(Only for reference, all the datas can be adjustable by computer accordingly to customer`s requirements.)


               6-8 tons / hour             

 Raw material silos      

 9 sets


 1 ton / batch   

 Production cycle

 8-10 min

 Packing machine  

 2 sets

 Batching system

 Industrial PC