MAGMAPLE Industrial - Glass Beads Production Line, Thermoplastic Paint Production Line, Glass Beads, Thermoplastic Paint
    Glass Beads Manufacturing Plant M-01
MAGMAPLE M-01 Glass Beads Manufacturing plant is automatic production line for all sizes of road marking glass beads as well as blasting glass beads, the capacity can be designed acoording to customer`s requirement.
Design capacity 16-24 tons per day.
    Thermoplastic Manufacturing Plant M-03
MAGMAPLE M-03Thermoplastic Paint Manufacturing Plant design capacity 6-8 tons per hour, which uses nine kinds of raw materials according to ratio proportion requirements, automatic mixing, weighing and packaging.
    Road Studs Production Lines
MAGMAPLE supply the following road studs production lines, including design, production, testing run, technical support, MAGMAPLE provide you turn key solution.
Plastic road studs production line/  Aluminium road studs production line / Ceramic road studs production line

    Mag-Mark Thermoplastic Paint
 Mag-Mark Thermoplastic paint from MAGMAPLE being applicable to all kinds of hot melt reflective marking such as guideline, reminding letters, and cross walk.
    Mag-Beads Road Marking Glass Beads

 Mag-Beads Reflective Glass Beads from MAGMAPLE meet all international road marking standards, roundness more than 80%.